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Visco Memory Foam

What is Visco Elastic Memory Foam?
Visco Elastic Foam, also referred to as Memory Foam, is a man made foam. Visco foam reacts to body temperature and body weight, conforming and molding to the shape of your body. This is the same foam developed for NASA to provide comfortable travel for astronauts.

How does Visco Elastic Foam feel?
Visco foam is not a "soft" mattress. It molds and contours to your body, spreading your weight over your entire sleeping surface. When you turn, the foam gradually moves back to its original position.

The contouring effect spreads your body weight over more of the sleeping surface and minimizes "pressure points", thereby creating a more comfortable night's sleep. Pressure points can create discomfort and cause you to toss and turn more frequently, so Visco's contouring ability reduces pressure points to help you toss and turn less, and sleep better.

In addition, another feature of the foam is the "open cell" structure enabling the mattress to "breath". This feature allows the release of body heat and moisture keeping the sleeping surface comfortable for your sleep.

What are the added benefits of Visco Elastic Foam?
Visco foam is highly resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, mites and other odor causing germs. Since many people are allergic and sensitive to these allergens, Visco can help improve your overall health comfort by reducing the presence of them in the bed.

Visco foam also reduces motion transfer between you and your partner. When your partner moves in the night, you are not as likely to feel the movement from their side of the bed. Less disturbance from your partner's movement means you can sleep quieter, deeper, without interruption and sleep better.

How does Visco Elastic Foam work?
Visco has microscopic memory pockets that react to temperature (body heat) and weight (your body.) The cell reaction creates the contouring and memory effect that aligns the sleeping surface to the natural curves of your body. Another property of a Visco mattress is that it does not need to be turned.

Does Visco Elastic Foam quality vary?
All reputable manufacturers produce foam products that are at least 5lb/ft3 density, or higher. All of the mattress products carried by are high quality. Cheaper, less dense Visco beds have less "contouring" ability, and will not last as long.
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