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Mattress Durability Guide; Sealy, Stearns Foster & Bassett

How Long Will My New Mattress Last?

Mattress sets vary greatly in how long they will last. What usually causes a mattress set to wear out is that the layers of comfort materials lose their resiliency or their ability to provide you comfort. You'll notice the mattress doesn't feel as comfortable as it did when it was new. Back pain is a sure sign that your mattress should be replaced.

The better the quality, and more quantity, of comfort materials used in a mattress determines how good the mattress feels, and also how long it will retain its original feel. The chart below lists the mattress sets we have for sale; queen set sale price; and the estimated cost per year to own. The interesting thing is that the least expensive mattress set does not have the lowest annual cost.


Mattress Set Comfort Level Queen Set Price Comfort Life Annual Cost
Verda Cushion Firm$5494$137.25
Anson Cushion Firm Pillowtop$6194$154.75
Vast Sky Plush$5994$149.75
Tucson Teal Firm$6995 $139.80
Frosty Glade Ultra Plush$6795$135.80
Gem Turquoise Plush Pillowtop$6495$129.80
Blue Crystal Firm$7496$124.83
Cool Dip Plush$6996$116.50
Shallow Sea Plush Euro Pillowtop$6996$116.50
Bryant Park Firm$7997$114.14
Eaglewood Cushion Firm$8497$121.29
Eaglewood Plush$8497$121.29
Stonesedge Firm$8997$128.43
Silvermist Plush$7497 $107.00
Eaglewood Ultra Plush$8497$121.29
Stonesedge Plush$8997$128.43
Graceful Plush Euro Top$8497$121.29
Stonesedge Plush Euro Pillowtop$9997$142.71
Hope Mills Firm$9998$124.88
Hope Mills Cushion Firm Euro PillowTop$10498$131.13
Hope Mills Cushion Firm$9998$124.88
Eaglewood Plush Euro PillowTop$9498$118.63
Hope Mills Plush$9998$124.88
Hope Mills Ultra Plush$9998$124.88
Hope Mills Plush Euro PillowTop$10498$131.13
Akerman Firm$114910$114.90
Akerman Cushion Firm$114910$114.90
Akerman Cushion Firm Euro PillowTop$124910$124.90
Akerman Plush$114910$114.90
Akerman Ultra Plush$114910$114.90
Akerman Ultra Plush Euro PillowTop$124910$124.90
Greenhurst Firm$139912$116.58
Greenhurst Cushion Firm$139912$116.58
Greenhurst Plush$139912$116.58
Greenhurst Ultra Plush$139912$116.58
Greenhurst Luxury Firm Euro PillowTop$149913$115.31
Greenhurst Ltd. Cushion Firm$149913$115.31
Greenhurst Luxury Plush Euro PillowTop$149913$115.31
Kirkhaven Firm$159914$114.21
Kirkhaven Cushion Firm$159914$114.21
Kirkhaven Plush$159914$114.21
Greenhurst Ltd. Luxury Plush Euro PillowTop$159914$114.21
Kirkhaven Ultra Plush$159914$114.21
Kirkhaven Luxury Firm Euro PillowTop$169915$113.27
Kirkhaven Luxury Plush Euro PillowTop$169915$113.27
Blue Lake Firm$114915$76.60
Somerset Sea Plush$139915$93.27
Kirkhaven Ltd. Cushion Firm$169916$106.19
Sapphire Bay Cushion Firm$139916$87.44
Della Manta Bay Plush Euro Pillowtop$179916$112.44
Kirkhaven Ltd. Luxury Plush Euro PillowTop$179917$105.82
West Marsh Luxury Firm Box Top$209918$116.61
Shadow Dream Luxury Firm$189918$105.50
Cool Springs Cushion Firm$170918$94.94
Shadow Dream Luxury Plush$189918$105.50
West Marsh Luxury Plush Box Top$209918$116.61
Sherman Oaks Luxury Plush Super Box Top$229918$127.72
Brasswood Firm$206920$103.45
Garden Vine Plush$179920$89.95
Reflection Bay Cushion Firm EuroTop$296920$148.45
Camilla Bay Plush EuroTop$386920$193.45
Crystal Sea Plush$206820$103.40
Gracehill Harbor Ultra Plush$233820$116.90
Meadowcrest Ultra Plush$206920$103.45
Whistlewood Plush Euro Pillowtop$251920$125.95
Laurel Cove Ultra Plush Box Top$296920$148.45

Stearns & Foster

Mattress Set Comfort Level Queen Set Price Comfort Life Annual Cost
Bouquet Cushion Firm$109910$109.90
Chateau Orleans Plush$129912$108.25
Caravelle Firm$139913$107.62
Etoile Plush Euro Pillowtop$139913$107.62
Julianne Ultra Plush$139913$107.62
LeMans Ultra Plush Euro Pillowtop$149913$115.31
Reisling Cushion Firm Euro Pillowtop$159915$106.60
Sauvignon Plush$159915$106.60
Toulous Ultra Plush Boxtop$179916$112.44
LePort Cushion Firm Eurotop$219916$137.44
Monet's Dream Ultra Plush Eurotop$219916$137.44
Renova Park Firm$219916$137.44
Lemieux Ultra Plush Euro Pillowtop$229917$135.24
Abbeville Cushion Firm$189918$105.50
Arles Abbey Plush$189918$105.50
Chateau Paris Firm$189918$105.50
Strasbourg Park Ultra Plush Euro Pillowtop$189918$105.50
Chateau Vitre Cushion Firm Eurotop$259918$144.39
Marseille Cathedral Ultra Plush Eurotop$259918$144.39
Bagatelle Gardens Cushion Firm BoxTop$279919$147.32
Chateau Provence Ultra Plush Boxtop$299920$149.95
Silver Dream Ultra Plush Boxtop$399922$181.77
Golden Elegance Ultra Plush Boxtop$499925$199.96


Mattress SetComfort Level Queen Set PriceComfort LifeAnnual Cost
Mapwing Firm$9998$124.88
Clearwing Plush$9998$124.88
Seychelle Cushion Firm PillowTop$10499$116.56
Cloudywing Plush Euro PillowTop$119910$119.90
Scallopwing Ultra Plush EuroTop$139911$127.18
Duskywing Plush Euro PillowTop$159912$133.25
Silverdrop Ultra Plush BoxTop $179912$149.92
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