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The days are long gone that you have to sleep on a hard and uncomfortable mattress just to have back support. Each comfort level provides support, it's a matter of personal preference. And don't think you're limited to just the general classifications of firm, plush or pillow top. Using our comfort scale, you can find exactly the comfort you're looking for in a mattress.

If you're looking to sleep on a mattress that doesn't give much, a firm mattress is an excellent choice. There is still padding in a firm mattress, but you won't be as cushioned as on other models. This doesn't necessarily mean more support. However, some people with back problems chose a firm mattress in order to keep their back from sinking too far into a softer mattress.
With a softer surface, a plush mattress can provide support and comfort at the same time. While there is more padding than you'll find on a firm mattress, plush mattresses do not have the extra visible layer like pillow top mattresses. This middle ground is especially helpful if you and your sleeping partner's comfort level drastically differ.
Pillow Top, Euro Top and Box Top
Sometimes some padding isn't enough. If you like to sleep on a mattress pad, this might be what you're looking for in a mattress. The extra layers of padding makes it soft while still allowing you to be supported by the inner layers. The way the soft layers are connected to the mattress is slightly different between pillow top, euro top and box top. No matter which combination you choose, these are exquisitely soft mattresses that will provide a great night's rest for a long time.
Pillow Top
Usually a pillow top has the least amount of padding in all of the top types. It will lay more flat than the other types but bulge slightly near the top of the mattress and look like a topper.
Euro Top
A euro top mattress usually has a bit more padding than a pillow top, by adding extra layers. It adds a bit of height but forms closely to the edges of the mattress.
Box Top
On the other hand, a box top will usually be taller and is formed more closely to the shape of the rest of the mattress.

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